About me...

I'm Juan Val, spanish professional flutist. Currently I'm academist in the Staatskapelle Halle (Germany).

About me...

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  • Interview to Andrea Oliva

    “If you put all your love and passion in what you do and your activity as musician is your priority, then you can do a career. For sure. Just believe on it.” We know that in Italy there is a huge source of wonderful flutists, and some of them have been on this blog, like […]

  • Interview to Yubeen Kim

    This week I bring you a new interview. I have had the opportunity to bring to the blog a flutist who stands out a lot in the best competitions and who recently overcomed his trial period in his new orchestra. He is the korean flutist Yubeen Kim, principal flute of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin. An outpouring […]

  • Interview to Bettine Keyßer

    This week we have a new interview to add to the “Quintessenz” Leipzig Flute Ensemble. With this one we have three, and if you didn’t read the previous interviews, I invite you to do it. Gudrun Hinze (principal piccolo of the Gewandhausorchester in Leipzig) and Christian Sprenger (principal flute of the MDR Sinfonieorchester in Leipzig), […]


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