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Entrevista a Sarah Rumer

Interview to Sarah Rumer

Today I bring you again an interview. After interviewing Frederic Sánchez, from Azahar Ensemble, I bring you today a flutist that plays in an orchestra, and what an orchestra!

Interview to Daniela Mars

I bring you a new interview! She is probably one of the most popular flutists in social media, like Instagram, and if you are user of them you have seen possibly some of her...

Interview to Rafael Adobas

I bring you a new interview in the blog! He was awarded recently with the 3rd Prize and Best Interpretation of the New Piece by Thomas Larcher in the Carl...

Interview to Anna Garzuly-Wahlgren

This week I bring you a new interview! An interview that begins to complete all the interviews to the wonderful Quintessenz Flute Ensemble from Leipzig. You can read the other interviews here. I’m sure...

Interview to Julien Beaudiment

Today I have a new interview for you. I bring you a great flutist who has played with amazing orchestras like Los Angeles Philharmonic, London Symphony or London Philharmonic, among others. He is Julien Beaudiment,...

Interview to Jürgen Franz

“The difficulty for a piccolo player is to play short difficult spots and maybe wait some minutes for the next spot. These up and downs in concentration are the big challenges in the work...

Interview to Andrea Oliva

"If you put all your love and passion in what you do and your activity as musician is your priority, then you can do a career. For sure. Just believe on it." We know that...

Interview to Yubeen Kim

This week I bring you a new interview. I have had the opportunity to bring to the blog a flutist who stands out a lot in the best competitions and who recently overcomed his...

Interview to Bettine Keyßer

This week we have a new interview to add to the “Quintessenz” Leipzig Flute Ensemble. With this one we have three, and if you didn’t read the previous interviews, I invite you to do...

Interview to Gudrun Hinze

"The piccolo flute can be an amiable instrument with a sparkling technique. When you make friends with it, it will sing to you with an angel's voice." Today I bring you a interview to a...


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