“We have to do much more for children and music, otherwise I think that our classical music will not survive…”

     This week we have an interview to a fantastic flutist, the belgian Aldo Baerten. He is Principal Flute in the Royal Flemish Philharmonic, and also teaches in Antwerp, Utrecht and Hannover.  I hope you like it!




  • How did you begin in music?

     As a child I went to the local music school, where I started off with solfege classes. After a year I started the flute and later on also ensemble and chamber music.

aldo-baerten-5      I was very lucky to have an english music teacher at my regular high school. He is british and made the school into a very musical one, so we had a band, school orchestra, chamber music, choir, etc… and loads of interesting music lessons. Without this man, Adrian Knott, I would never have become a musician.


  • What’s the most curious thing that has happened to you in your career as musician?

     To obtain what you don’t really want, and to not obtain what you really really want… musical life is strange, unpredictable and therefore very interesting.

     What you want tooo much, does not happen…

  • How do you see the current musical outlook?

aldo-baerten     The classical music world and the flute world are in tremendous crisis. The future is not bright if we dont bring children at young age in contact with classical music. Why would they like to do something or listen to something they were not in touch with as children? We have to do much more for children and music, otherwise I think that our classical music will not survive the middle of the 21st century. Therefore, jobs as teachers and musicians in orchestras, etc, will become rare, and only very few will be able to live from it.


  • And finally, some advice for our readers.

     Be passionate, be involved, give it all, work very hard, share your passion with others… and there is hope!!!









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