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Interview to Bettine Keyßer

This week we have a new interview to add to the “Quintessenz” Leipzig Flute Ensemble. With this one we have three, and if you didn’t read the previous interviews, I invite you to do...

Interview to Gudrun Hinze

"The piccolo flute can be an amiable instrument with a sparkling technique. When you make friends with it, it will sing to you with an angel's voice." Today I bring you a interview to a...

Interview to Emmanuel Pahud

“To be a successful flute player and to be famous are two very different things. And I’m very happy to be the first one.” The interview I present is, without any doubt, very very special...

Interview to Aldo Baerten

     "We have to do much more for children and music, otherwise I think that our classical music will not survive..."      This week we have an interview to a fantastic flutist, the belgian Aldo...

Help me to improve with #Flutisugerencias!

     Hello everybody! I will come back very soon with my blog, but before beginning again I would like that you tell me which things you like more and less of my blog.      For...

Interview to Christian Sprenger (English & Deutsch)

     I bring this week an interview with a lot of meaning for me. Christian Sprenger, solo flute of the MDR Symphony Orchestra in Leipzig and member of the Quintessenz flute ensemble, has been...

Interview to Myra and Peter Pearse

This week we have again another "flutistic" married couple. The first one were Isabel Souto and Christian Farroni, but now we have here Myra and Peter Pearse, both flutists in the Asturias Symphony Orchestra...

Interview to Bridget Bolliger

This week is here Bridget Bolliger, an australian-swiss flutist that takes part of one of the best's chamber music groups in Australia, the New Sydney Wind Quintet, and that also realizes a large activity...

Interview to Emily Beynon

     And again I bring you a new interview to my blog. This time is a very special interview, to one of the actual greatest flutists: Emily Beynon, principal flute of the prestigious Royal...


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